C60 Balm & Serum

Experience youthful, confident, and velvety soft skin!

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The C60 Unique DUO

The C60 Unique DUO set includes: C60 serum and balm for the two-step care of your skin.

Treat your skin to a true elixir of youth.
A Facial Duo with molecule C60 and other bioactive ingredients with a powerful anti-aging effect.

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C60 Carbon Elixir


Carbon Elixir (C60)

The unique combination of C60 molecule, activated charcoal, humic acid, pine needles, fermented natto and cocoa beans gives rise to a completely exclusive product of the highest possible quality.

Fullerene or Carbon 60 (better known as C60) is a Nobel Prize Winning Molecule. It was discovered in 1985.

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Carbon Elixir (C60)


More Energy

Enhancing mitochondrial function - energy production in cells.

Mental Clarity

Improving age-related problems (energy, memory loss, etc.)

Better Regeneration

Athletes notice increased performance and decreased recovery times.


Promoting skin vitality, hair growth, eyesight.